125 grams butter
125 grams refined flour
100 ml warm milk
4 eggs
125 grams processed cheese
Salt/ pepper to taste
For a cheese sauce
100 grams cheese
25 ml milk


-Grease 4 small dishes generously with butter, then melt the 125 grams butter portioned off in a pan.
-Add the refined flour and stir well to combine.Cook over low heat for 1 minute; lift the pan from the fire and add the milk, whisking till it forms a smooth paste.
-Separate the egg whites, and add the egg yolks to the paste prepared, stirring constantly so that they don’t scramble.
-Grate the cheese into the mix and add salt and pepper as per taste and allow the mix to cool slightly.
-Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks, and fold a third of the beaten whites into the mix. Follow with the rest very slowly.
-Pour the mixture into the greased soufflé dishes and steam over a slow fire for 15 minutes.
-Meanwhile , prepare the cheese sauce by melting the cheese reserved for it in milk.
-Upturn the moulded soufflé onto individual plates or a large platter, pour the cheese sauce over the soufflé, and sprinkle with crushed peppercorns.
-Serve warm.


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